7 Months and Standing!

Micah Update
Micah’s personality is emerging more every day.  He is cheerful, friendly, trusting and adaptable; active, vocal, adventurous and confident; and social, creative, musical and charming.  Wait, those are all beautiful qualities… ha!  He is also stubborn, has a little bit of a temper and cries if he hasn’t had enough sleep or is hungry.  Don’t we all, though?  There’s nothing worse than a tired hungry adult.

I celebrated my first Mother’s Day this May.  It was wonderful.  Ian made me breakfast in bed in the morning and kept Micah downstairs so I could sleep in.  I enjoyed hot cheesy eggs, fruit and coffee.  Then we went to my mom’s house and made her breakfast, church, and celebrated four different moms at my friends’ cousin’s house at the lake for an early supper.  It rained, so we didn’t get to go in the lake, but it was lovely inside spending time with great friends and family.

In June, we took our first-ever visit to see my brother Gregg, and his family, Dorian (my sis-in-law) and Evan, (my nephew) in Plano, TX.  Micah really took to his Uncle Gregg and Aunt Dorian, and his cousin Evan was really great with him.  Gregg cooked us lunch: Indian Tacos – they were very yummy!  We swam in the pool, went to dinner at Saltgrass (a local restaurant), played Apples to Apples and Ian helped Evan play with an electronics board game late that night. 

Evan built a fort for Micah to explore, helped him play music on the iPad, and even made a really cute movie (like a movie preview) of Micah.  Evan made my egg breakfast that morning.  I am so impressed!  It was a short visit because we were on our way to Austin for Ian’s conference, where we also saw my best friend, Kerry, whom I haven’t seen since 2004 when Ian and I got married.

We went to the Austin Children’s Museum for story-time.  Older kids kept coming up to Micah.  He tried to kiss one of them!  So cute!  Micah enjoyed some great Austin eats, and yes, we are still practicing baby-led weaning.  He’s doing great eating his food!

This was Micah’s 2nd long car trip.  I qualify a long car trip as over 5 hours.  He did really well.  We drove over night.  Mom and Dad did not fair so well though.  Ian pulled over to nap 3 times, and I could not help Ian drive because I was too exhausted.  Poor Ian.  He stayed up the entire next day, too, because he wanted to spend just as much time with my brother’s family as I did!

Micah’s next pediatrician check up.  Micah’s next check up is not until 9 months, but I can tell you he’s doing just fine. 🙂

Weight, height, & clothes. I haven’t weighed Micah since last month, but again, I’m guessing he’s just over 20 pounds now.  He’s not growing out of clothes as quickly now, which is nice because he can get some more wear out of them.  Micah seems the same as last month for clothes.  He’s wearing 12 month or larger onesies and sleepers.  Shirt sizes vary from 12 months to 18 months depending on the brand, and his pants are still sized 18 months.

Development. Micah is crawling fast and making his way into any place in the house he wants.  Baby-proofing has taken on a whole new meaning because Micah is fascinated by wires and everything under the sun ends up in his mouth.  We rearranged two downstairs rooms so one of them is basically free of hazards (i.e. the glass coffee table).

Micah is saying more phonemes now such as bababa.  He’s already practiced thah thah thah.  I have heard him say ‘dada’ but it’s not connected to Ian yet.  I will let you know when that happens.  That will be an exciting day!


In addition to crawling fast, he’s pulling up on everything so he can practice standing.  Then, once he’s standing he let’s go so he can balance on his own.  Ian saw him ‘cruise’ for the first time two weeks ago, meaning he took a step while holding onto the sofa.  If Micah has your hands he will practice taking a few steps now, but if he wants to get somewhere he will drop into a crawling position.  He does the traditional crawl on all fours, or sometimes, he uses two hands, 1 knee and 1 foot to push forward, if you can imagine that.

Diaper changes are a wrestling match!  Micah constantly flips over, and protests if he has to stay on his back for too long by letting out a loud ‘fake’ cry.  We distract him with bubbles sometimes or give him a sippy cup to drink a sip of water.  Otherwise, I just keep flipping him back over.  What a work out!

Learning.  The reading program we practice called ‘Your Baby Can Read’ is going okay.  While traveling we mainly use the flash cards.  Micah thinks it’s fun – I think he just likes the pictures.  Lately though I’ve heard some negative things about the program, so I may return it.  I don’t use the video portion anyhow.  Micah reaaally loves books!

I’m still focused on teaching him sign language, starting with 2 signs: Milk and More.  He clearly understands if I say, ‘Do you want milk?’  Micah doesn’t know object permanence yet.  If I make the remote control or my phone disappear under a pillow he thinks it’s disappeared.  That’s nice.  We also have music time everyday, whether that’s at the piano or just singing songs.  Micah still loves pat-a-cake, the wheels on the bus and old mac donald.  I made up a song too.  And he smiiiillllles and laaaaauuuughs when I sing it.  It goes like this: “I’m busy as a bee.  Busy as a bee.  Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy as a bumble bee. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”  While I say it, I turn him in the air.  He’s so cute.

Play time.  Ian continues to jog with Micah.  They both enjoy it, and it’s a nice break so I can cook dinner.  Micah has continued to enjoy swimming in the pool, and we also still going to many play dates, so Micah is enjoying his little friends, and I am enjoying mom-time.  I’d like to find children’s programs in Atlanta for Micah since he enjoyed the Austin Children’s Museum so much.  I got Micah the cutest iPod cover for his ipod.  Now he can hold the ipod without ruining it from his teething.  It looks like a little bear, and there’s an app that goes with it by Happitaps.

Sleep and Eating. Micah’s sleep habits are the same.  He wakes up every 3-5 hours during the night.  Maybe soon he’ll sleep longer, but it’s okay that he gets up.  He wakes to nurse, and I’m happy to feed him if he’s hungry.  Micah really does exceptionally well with food.  The only food we avoid include dairy, shellfish, nuts, and sugar, plus processed foods.  I got Micah a spoon and fork who’s handles bend so it’s easier for him to use.  I also found a contraption to keep him from throwing the utensil on the floor.  He doesn’t throw things onto ‘the floor’ for sport yet, but I’m sure that time is coming.

Be sure to update us on your lives as well!

Much love,

Robyn, Ian and Micah