8 Months Old Using A Pincer Grip!

Micah Update

We celebrated Ian’s first official Father’s Day this year!  What a special time!  Micah and I made Ian a Father’s Day mug with Micah’s hand print.  That was fun, meaning it was challenging to paint Micah’s hand, place it ‘neatly’ on a glass mug, and wash his hand off before he got paint all over.  The glass is very cute if I do say so myself.

We started the day having breakfast with Blake, Ian’s dad.  We always enjoy his company, and Micah thinks he’s great fun.  It was too bad we didn’t get to see ‘Dee’ too.  I’m sure we’ll see her soon!

Then we went to a Braves vs Orioles game.  The Orioles won.  It was a hot day so we stayed in the shade with a cool breeze blowing over us.  Micah really enjoyed the music and the ‘Tomahawk chop’. 

We ended the day by having dinner with my mom at Taco Mac, a local favorite of Ian’s.

The next weekend we went to see Micah’s Aunt Curly and Uncle Josh for Josh’s book signing in Charlotte, NC.  You can read about Josh’s book here: http://whatisthenever.blogspot.com/.  Written for teenagers, it’s about a boy named James who is wrongly accusing of murdering his mentor and is exiled to a land called ‘The Never’.  It’s great!  Thanks Aunt Curly and Uncle Josh!

Then, in July we went to see Micah’s Great Grandma Jean and Great Grandpa Dave, Great Uncle Pat, Great Aunt Jolie, Cousin Laura and other favorite friends like Michele.  We had a phenomenal time swimming at Lake Chautauqua.  Micah has enjoyed 5 ‘new firsts’ this month: (1) riding in a golf cart, (2) enjoying an amusement park (Midway Amusement Park), (3) loving a boat ride, (4) seeing fireworks, and (5) his first 4th of July celebration.  Midway is one of the oldest amusement parks in the United States.  Micah was mesmerized by his first fireworks show in the middle of the lake on Great Uncle Pat and Great Aunt Jolie’s boat.  No, he was not scared one bit from noise.  By going to Chautauqua, he carries on a Cooper summer tradition.  Our goal is to take him here every year, just like Ian enjoyed too.  Thanks Pat and Jolie!

Micah’s next pediatrician check up.  Micah’s next check up is next month.  Still no teeth, thought I can see and feel their impression and definitely feel them under his gums now.  I will let you know the official report in the next update.




















Weight, height, & clothes. Same old, same old here.  Micah’s wearing 12 month or larger onesies and sleepers.  Shirt sizes vary from 12 months to 18 months depending on the brand, and his pants are still sized 18 months.  Look at my boy’s chubby legs!

Development. Micah is now able to stand up without holding onto anything.  He even will squat down, pick up a toy, and stand back up with his toy!  People keep telling us he’s going to take his first step any day now.  <<<OK, I can’t wait to tell you this even though it should wait till the next update.  Micah walked for the first time on July 10th!>>>

He is using a pincer grip.  You can tell when he’s picking up food off his plate, he concentrates on getting it right between his first finger and his thumb.

Micah is definitely articulating more phonemes now.  His baby talk is on the verge of saying purposeful words, though we are still waiting for that magical moment when he looks at us and calls us Dada or Mama.  I have heard him say mmmm which is new as of the last week.

Learning & Playtime.  Micah has started to play little games with us now.  For example, I stack up his blocks, and he knocks them down and giggles.  Or I put my hand on one side of the pack and play.  He touches my hand, then I move my hand somewhere else.  He touches my hand again and laughs.  He’s starting to know what certain things are such as a cup – he knows he can drink from a cup.  He orients the cup the right way on his mouth.  He always puts a spoon or fork in his mouth spoon- or fork-side first.  He knows sunglasses go on his head and will try to put them on top of his head sometimes.  Here’s a picture with Micah with his friend Raj.

I let Micah have lots of time on the floor practicing his balance and coordination.  Floor time is his favorite activity, and letting him roam and wander is much easier than trying to restrain a curious baby.

Sleep and Eating. All this travel and vacation has taken Micah off schedule for sleep, but he sleeps when he’s tired – that’s for sure.

Micah now understands food can satisfy his tummy, though we are still nursing full-time.  When we eat, he looks at us expectantly, knowing he can have some.  When we drink, he looks at us expectantly, knowing he can have a sip.  We really have to watch what we eat to make sure we can share with Micah.  I have to admit, it’s super fun and super messy to see him eat!  We tip well at restaurants. 🙂


Be sure to update us on your lives as well!

Much love,

Robyn, Ian and Micah


3 thoughts on “8 Months Old Using A Pincer Grip!

  1. Thank you for the 8 month update! The photos are precious! Good to know his sizes too!
    Love, Maski
    p.s. I dreamt that I was teaching Micah to say Maski! It was a fun dream!

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