9 + 10 Months Update, Walking and Waving

Hi all, It’s a shame it’s been 2 months since I’ve been able to post.  Here are Micah’s new 1sts:

  • teeth!
  • waving hello and goodbye
  • climbing up and scooting down stairs
  • pointing at things
  • first pair of ‘fitted shoes’
  • New games: So big! Raise the Roof! Roaring like a baby dinosaur!
  • a trip to an aquarium, and what better aquarium than the Georgia Aquarium?!

Micah’s pediatrician check up. At Micah’s check up August 7th, he weighed in at 21 pounds 9.8 ounces and was 28.75 inches tall.  That puts him at 75% for weight and 50% for height.  His head is 17.7″ around.  The pediatrician doubted if they got his height correct at the last visit, because if they did, then he didn’t grow too much taller.  She says he’s fine though, and developmentally ‘exceptional’ (see below).  I concur!  But don’t all moms think their kids are great?!

Yesterday, unfortunately, we had to go to the pediatrician again.  Micah had a fever (it’s a cold virus) and we wanted to make sure it was just a cold.  He’s gained 7 ounces since last month, weighing in at 21 pounds 14.6 ounces.

Weight, height, & clothes. Micah is wearing 18 month clothing or bigger.  I already told you his stats, but what that means is he’s almost ready for his next car seat.  He sweats like a little piggy in the car seat, and since he’s eating food (sometimes in his seat), I decided to sew a slipcover for his next seat.

This is the seat before I covered it.

This is the seat before I covered it.

This is the seat with my slipcover. Do you love it?

And far more fun than the car seat update: We were in Old Navy finding some clothes for Ian, and I put the top part of a Halloween costume on Micah for fun.  It was so adorable, I put the pants on him too.  And because it was absolutelyridiculously-over-the-top-cute to see how much fun he has wearing it, strutting around like a proud little man, we got it his Halloween Costume (click here for video) early.

Development. In the last update, I told you Micah took his first step July 9th when he was 8 months and 5 days old.  Now he never crawls anymore, and indeed, is trying to run sometimes.  When he tries to run he falls quickly.  It’s really funny!  Plus, kind of like a cat typically lands on all fours, Micah typically lands on his booty.  That makes him an expert ‘faller’.

Micah is climbing everywhere.  He knows he can climb stairs now, and climbs them really well, though we follow really closely behind.  He’s just learning how to scoot down them too, as of yesterday.  In fact, climbing down the stairs is his current obsession.

His 1st tooth came in on the bottom on July 19th, 2nd tooth came in July 28th, and his 3rd tooth (first top right) came in yesterday.  The other one is close behind.

On August 6th he started clapping his hands (click for video)!

Micah tries to copy our facial expressions.  Take a look at this funny video: Tricks are for kids Ma! on August 6th.

Within the past week or so he started waving hello and goodbye and pointing at things.

Learning & Playtime. August 11th was the first time he’s played ‘chase’ with me.  He was laughing hysterically while running away from me in the hallway in this video: I’m gonna get you! It was too cute!  I could do that for days on end with him, except I wonder if I am creating a toddler who’s going to run away from me because he thinks it’s funny… hmmm….

Micah's Custom Tree Bookcase

This is Micah’s tree bookcase. It’s a product of Mom’s handy design, & dad’s handy construction. Trigonometry is useful after all!

When we say ‘so big!’ he puts both hands in the air and gives me a cheesy grin.  We also taught him to ‘raise the roof’.  It looks more like two arms flapping in the air, but it’s cute!  He’s a little grumpy in this video, but you can see him do it here: ‘So big!‘.

Micah started making this funny ‘roar/ growl’ sound.  Since then, I’m asking him “What’s a baby dinosaur say?”  Then I roar.  I’m trying to see if I can teach him to… you guessed it… roar like a baby dinosaur!

We celebrated Ian’s birthday August 28th.  It was the first time Micah’s seen (& paid attention) a crowd sing happy birthday and blow out a candle.  I think he digs it!  Happy birthday Ian!  What a treasure you are!

For Micah’s 1st labor day we went to the GA Aquarium with Grandma Boom Boom.  Boy was that worthwhile!  He was intrigued by all the fish.  He even enjoyed the dolphin show, our first of many over-dramatic children’s shows.  He loved it, but at the end, he was waaaaaaayyyyy too tired to like anything whatsoever.  I included lots of aquarium pictures at the bottom for you.

I organize a meetup group called Active Mama’s. These are some of us on a hike with the babies. We are on top of Kennesaw Mountain. Go Fun Mamas!!!

Micah in bike trailer

Micah LOVES being pulled in the bike trailer!  We started this about 2 weeks ago.

Sleep and Eating.  Micah takes 2 naps a day.  And sometimes I wonder if he could use an extra one.  He would love to be asleep by 6:30pm or 7:30pm most nights.  When we used to go out at night, even just a month ago, he would just sleep through dinner.  Now he tends to stay up with us and enjoy dinner but it throws his bed time off a little.  I hope I’m creating a flexible, adaptable person by taking him out with us instead of feeling like we can’t go out.  🙂

As of 9 months old, he’s enjoying some limited amounts of cheese and yogurt, but not cow’s milk.  I don’t give him sugary foods.  For snacks he has rice or oat puffs, or fruit if we are home.  He typically eats 2-3 meals a day.  He loves any kind of fruit and a multitude of different vegetables including spinach, broccoli, squash and even pickles!  He loves meat too.  When we feed him, we scoot his highchair right up to the table.  On goes his place mat which suctions to the table, on goes a pelican bib to catch all the food he drops (ah-hem, spits out), and in goes the food.  The food goes in the mouth, in the hair, and in the air.

What he drops on the floor, the dogs pick up.  Ian is glad the dogs have a job now :).  And I’m pretty confident the dogs are happy about their job too.

Be sure to update us on your lives as well!

Much love,

Robyn, Ian and Micah

Here we are on the boat at the aquarium. If Micah could talk, I think he’d say,”Who’s driving this ship? Let me at the wheel! I’m the captain!”

Ian took Micah down the big sea monster slide at the aquarium. Here, the sea monster is ‘spitting them out’. Doesn’t Micah look like he’s growing up?

Dad and Micah enjoying a joke.  How cute are they?

“Ooh, look at the big whale!!”

This is my favorite picture from the aquarium.  Look at my handsome men!

“Fish! Fish! Fish!” – Mom  **Smack, smack, smack!**  – Micah  “Uh, Micah, I don’t think fish like when you bang on the tank.” – Mom

Grandma Boom Boom, Dad, Mom and Micah at the aquarium. What a great day that was!

Playing at the park – Micah has made it up the whole slide on his own :). We have to watch him though because he’ll spin around and forget where he is climbing.

See how proud he is of himself?

The tube is fun at the playground! It’s not so easy for me to climb in there after him though, to help him out the other end!

My boy and I. I just love his little age!  Each month is just even more exciting!

Story time with Max and Sena. Masako is reading the kids a book in Japanese. She tells me what the book was about afterwards. She’s a GREAT reader, very animated and expressive. The kids love her! And so do the moms!

Here are more moms from my meetup group, Active Mama’s. There are 60 members as of today! We have a great time together. Here, we are hiking by the Chattahoochee River. Love them!

Micah loved this tank because he could see fish below him too!

Me and my sweet boy.  Does he look like me?  I think he looks like Ian from the nose down, and from the eyebrows up!

Micah playing in his friend Max’s play tube. What fun they had!