11 months old – Micah speaks for himself

October 4th, 2012

Micah here, I’m tired of mommy speaking for me.  I told her, this time I’m writing my own update.

First of all, I keep hearing about my 1st year birthday celebration.  Mommy’s been planning, planning, planning for it, and she’s excited!  To be honest, I don’t really know what all the hype is, but I guess it’s good.

I’m doing more ‘stuff’ now that I couldn’t do before because I’m getting big.  For example, I know exactly what a chair is, and I go sit in the ones I can reach on my own, like the mamas and papas chair my Great Grandma Jean and Great Grandpa Dave got for me.  I’d rather get in the chair by myself, without anyone’s help, too, because I’m a big boy.  Also, I did #1 in the potty for the first time Tuesday and then again today.  Once I missed the potty, but Mom says I’m just learning and it’s okay.

Grandma Boom Boom is taking me to story time at the library and music classes.  I’m excited! I’ve been to some of these before, and boy, can I keep a beat!  There’s even a drum in the den I go have a smack at every now and again.  Dad says it’s a djembe.  Cool.

I like helping drive the car!









I just went to Arlington, VA.  Mom said something about her MBA reunion.  I don’t know what the heck that is, but boy did I have fun with Grandma Boom Boom and my favorite Aunts!!  They took such great care of me, I had nothing to worry about, and my feet just about never touched the floor!  I went swimming, to Washington D.C., to the mall, and ran around our room a ton too!  I felt like a movie star because everyone kept taking pictures of me.  And I met my cousin Hugo for the first time.  Isn’t he cute!  He’s just a few months younger than I am, so I was trying to teach him a few things… like if you cry a lot you train your parents to pick you up more… and staying awake at night is a lot more fun than sleeping at night… and if you drop stuff on the floor sometimes you can actually get adults to play fetch.  *Sigh* Adults are so silly!

I like remote controls, especially daddy’s playstation!

This is me with Aunt Corey, Mommy, Aunt Curly, and Grandma Boom Boom. We ate at a place called IHOP a lot. Funny, cause I didn’t see anyone hopping around.

Here I’m with my cousin Hugo. I’m telling him about crawling right now, but look, he does a pretty good job sitting up already! I tried to explain, the great thing about crawling is that you can reach everything like the dog bowl which is great fun. Maybe he’s crawling now though, it’s been a few weeks since we saw each other!

Grandma Boom Boom and my aunts took me to the park a lot! It’s so fun there, I love climbing everything!


































Micah’s pediatrician check up. I have my 1st year pediatrician visit early November.  I will update you then.

Weight, height, & clothes. I am wearing 18 month clothing in tops and onesies, and 18-24 months in bottoms.  Mom just brought home the coolest bomber jacket and denim pants, plus tan and blue pants and a fall coat.  I had no fall clothes before that!  I still probably need some sleepers and some long sleeve t-shirts.  Thank God Aunt Curly got me some pajamas and shirts and shorts (along with a million toys) that are da-bomb, and I’ve already gotten to wear some of them!  They have rocket ships and space things, so I really love them!  Also Grandama Boom Boom got me a bunch of onesies last month… she’s always showing up with this or that for me.  I love it.

This is a onesie Grandma Boom Boom got me. Aren’t I handsome?

I received my first birthday gifts from Aunt Curly, Uncle Josh, Iris and Sydney! Boy do I love them!

I love daddy’s pick-a-back rides on hikes!

























Development. Also, got my 5th and 6th tooth (they are on the top) on September 28th and 29th, but I hardly let mom look at them because the blasted things irritate me.  Sometimes I stick my finger in my mouth and poke around, but it’s fun not to let mommy do that.  I love brushing my teeth.  I have a little green toothbrush and I like to look at myself in the mirror while I do it.  Mom always insists on helping me, and she sings this silly song that I like when she wiggles the brush around in my mouth.

One day mom took me to this place where tons of people are, and got me like 20 new books. They are awesome, and one of them plays music if I press the buttons on it.

Mom got me these 2 cool toys that I can sit on.  One looks like a huge green worm, and the other one looks like a little scooter and it plays music when I bounce on the ball under the seat.  And then – get this – mom pushes me around the house!  I don’t even have to do any work!  Heck, I don’t even have to balance, she just pushes me right back on the toy.  When I’m tired of it, I slide off the side.  It’s even just as fun to push these things around while I’m not in the toy.  They are so cool!  The first time I rode them, I couldn’t shut my mouth.  It just hung open… I think I was amazed.  If I could talk mom’s language she’d know I saying ‘whoa!! I like this!’
Mom always says I’m so smart because I can solve problems.  For example, when she’s in my way, I try to go under, through or around her.  It seems like the obvious response thought, doesn’t it?
I’m very determined.  It’s hard to distract me.  As soon as mom thinks she’s detoured me away from, let’s say, my great aunt Lorraine’s crystal bell, and lets me go, I’m after it again.  The trick is, I’m just a good actor.  Then I fake left, and fake right, and go in for the touchdown!  Ha!
Mom and dad don’t understand my language yet, but I points at things and say ‘blop blop’ or ‘na na’.  I don’t know why they insist I learn their language.  I end up having to whine or get loud to get my way.  Sometimes I can’t have my way.  That really gets me boiling.  I definitely know certain words though, like dog, cat, ball, book, shoe… I look towards something if mom says the word, because then next she tells me I’m so smart.  I like compliments.  Who doesn’t?

I really love looking like a punk rocker!

I’m more coordinated everyday.  Mom doesn’t typically try to ‘save me’ from a fall, and 9.5/10 times I catch myself.  I try to run faster and faster every day, and laughs loudly if mom chases me and stomps her feet hard.

This is one of my favorite faces.  I look like I’m ‘bad to the bone, na na na na na’.

Learning & Playtime.  Mom reads to me a lot, especially before naps and bed.  And sometimes mom counts in these other languages for me – mom said they are Spanish or French for him.  I’ll surprise daddy by repeating it back to him one day.I go to the playground 4/7 days a week, either with mom or dad.  I really love climbing, feeling the grass, trying to eat rocks and sticks (yum, but mom always takes it away from me), and playing with my friends.  At this age, playing with friends means sometimes I look at my friends and grunt and smile at them, but most of the time I make mommy chase me around everywhere.  Ha ha!

Here I am with my buddy Sena.  We are sharing a swing at the park 🙂  I am eating a pretzel.  I would have shared with Sena but I don’t know if he likes pretzels yet.

Sleep and Eating.  I take 2-3 naps a day still.  I have a voracious appetite.  I wish the food would just keep on a-coming!  I adore yogurt, fruit, tomatoes, squash, spinach, all kinds of meat and salmon.  I haven’t met a food I don’t like except for eggplant.  Eggplant makes me itchy.  And I really prefer feeding myself.  I like playing with ice too.
Much love,