1 Year Old – Starting to say words

November 4th, 2012

It’s Micah again. It was so fun writing my own update last month I thought I’d give it another try.

I’m the big 1 year old today. Last year, this day, I was born at 4:49 in the morning. It was a long and wild ride. You can read my birth story here if you want – Mom wrote it all down, and even my doula Teresa contributed.

My Maski came to visit me for my 1st birthday also, but she came early so we could have special time. It was really fun! Maski went on 2 hikes with me and met some of my friends. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and Taco Mac. One day we went to a big store and she got me the coolest thing ever: my own car. It’s red with a yellow top. It has wheels and I get to take it outside and ride it in the street while mom or dad push me around. Whoa! I also got a bunch of new clothes, shoes, pajamas and a CD that says my name in each song. That is so cool! I missed my Paski, but mom and dad say maybe I can see them this summer.

Daddy, mommy and Grandma Boom Boom took me to my first pumpkin patch this year! I got to wear my halloween costume, go on a hayride, see ponies, and get carried through a corn maze. I had to taste the pumpkins and the gourds because they were so colorful! I went behind this huge wood sign, mom took a picture, and I looked like a cow! That’s amazing!

I love bath time and I have these cool toys that stick to the side of the wall. I also love bubbles.

Micah’s pediatrician check up. I have my 1st year pediatrician visit in a few days. I’m healthy. I’m big and strong!

Weight, height, & clothes. I am wearing 24 month clothing in onesies and sleepers. Sometimes my pants are 18 months, and sometimes they are bigger.

Development. I haven’t gotten any new teeth in yet, but I bet they’re coming on the bottom next. When they come in, they will be my 7th and 8th tooth.

I can use the potty a lot more now, but only in the mornings because that’s when mom knows I’ll have a success. I say the word ‘dog’. Even though I test out sounds and point to things all the time, dog is the first word mom and dad recognize. I don’t know why this language thing takes so long.

Mom got all excited because I can click my tongue now. She’s been showing me how to do that since I was six months old or earlier. I finally figured that out. I like to copy the faces people make at me, or even copy their body language. I love dancing and clapping to music too. A week ago, I saw Daddy play this huge Balalaika in The Atlanta Balalaika Orchestra and I was clapping when everyone else clapped.

Learning & Playtime. I love playing with other kids. Here I am with Grace and Alex. We are hanging out at the mall, pretending to go on an adventure.
I’ve also figured out that object permanence trick. When mom hides something, I know it’s still there and I try to get it. I especially want to have whatever I am not supposed to have and make a huge ruckus if I don’t get my way.
Sleep and Eating. Sometimes I like to take only one looong nap in the afternoon, but usually, I have a better day if I get a morning nap too. Mom and dad usually start my bedtime in my room, but by the middle of the night when I wake up, I get to sleep in their bed. Aren’t I a lucky fellow? In the morning I wake up smiling and cuddling this way.
Much love,








15 months – words and climbing





It’s been too long since I’ve written. This is just going to be quick and dirty.

Micah says:

‘Bup’. It means I would like you to pick me up, or I would like to get down.

‘Mama’ and he can identify me in pictures.

‘Dada or daddy’

‘Dag’ which is dog

‘Ditty’ which is kitty

‘Dat?’ Which means I want that if he’s pointing too.

‘Ish’ means fish.

‘Bite’ means I’d like a taste of what you have.

He signs bird when he sees or hears one.

Woofs like a dog ‘oo oo’

Growls like a dinosaur.

Signs more which applies to anything, especially airplane or food.

Noticeably is excited for swings, and like spinning in circles.

Has taken on this adorrrrable Cookie Monster laugh when something is fun like tickles, being tossed, hanging upside down or spinning.

Like drawing now and is less prone to eat his writing utensil but still needs very close supervision.

Helps clean up toys 🙂

Prefers running on our hikes to being carried.

Likes chasing and growling at the dogs.

Likes being held in my arms and will say ‘uh uh uh’ if I start to put him down.

Takes 1-2 naps a day, but really needs 2.

Weighs more than 24 pounds.

Has had 2 haircuts, the first one by me, the second one my friend Nicky just blended the back a little more for me.

As of last week he shakes his head no to everything when you ask him a question. No longer nods yes which he used to do.

Can finally ride his caterpillar worm riding toy.

And he’s moving chairs so he can climb up on everything including the piano! Yikes!