19 months old update

Saying thank you mama
Stop it
Octagon and rectangle – we point at signs on the way home from the pool
Lots of animal names and sounds
Repeating prayers after us 🙂

Loves finger painting!
For his own easel.
Sitting in big boy chair with booster 🙂
Starting very independent streak- he wants to do things himself
Swims (floats) on his own with a puddle jumper
Blows bubbles in the pool or bath water

Loud yays and clapping when he loves something like the end of a song or after playing guitar or piano

Loves riding on my back

Sleeping a 3 hr nap every day

Started Night weaned at beginning of June – took 11 days till I decided to come back upstairs.

Now he has been sleeping in his own room at night!! 🙂 yay!!

Time out for a minute and a half when he’s not listening

Loves the song slippery fish

Does sign and noises for many animals

Loves his big boy bed with space rocket glow in the dark counting sheets!

Capable of drinking from a regular cup but now I only pour a little in at a time

Pretty great at using a spoon and fork now!

Can identify the letter o.

Knows hot.

Tells me when he needs a diaper change 🙂 for poops.