20 Month update

Loves Thomas the Tank Engine and anything to do with trains

Started lining his cars up in a row

Loves to help clean up toys and help with chores

Talking a ton, not full sentences yet, but I thought he might have said ‘I catch the ball’ the other day.

Says “Me cars” or “Me book” when he wants to say something is his.

Can really do a good job with a spoon and loves to use a fork.

Loves to dip his food into something such as ketchup.

Nurses in the morning, before nap if I’m home, always after nap, and before dinner if I’m home, and always before bedtime.

Made a comfy space for him and I to go in when he’s overstimulated.

Loves homeschool and circle time.

Started to sing and sign row your boat. Can sing his abc’s, and can say all his letters and numbers if I go slowly. Usually starts counting with the number 2, haha. If I say six, he says seven. If I say one, he says two.

Loves the song slippery fish, still loves itsy bitsy, patty cake, wheels on the bus, and i caught me a baby bumble bee.

Loves to do art with me and jam with dad.

If I ask him what color something is he usually says yellow. Sometimes he says green or blue appropriately.

Can count to three now! – July 13, 2013

Got top molars this month!



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