How I’m feeling after Micah’s 2nd Birthday

We first found out we were expecting a baby in March 2011. I didn’t wait to make the announcement to everyone, I was too excited.

Having Micah has given me perspective.

Our life is overflowing with love. We are so blessed to have family and friends who love us so much. I am thankful my mom is here. I am thankful my Aunt Kathe and my sister Lisa wanted to come celebrate Micah’s birthday with us, and sing happy birthday to Micah 4 times while they were here. I am thankful my brother showed up to both of Micah’s parties. I am thankful I got to video chat with my sister Corey and niece Jordan so they could see Micah for his birthday. I am thankful there are people I could miss who couldn’t make it to Micah’s party. It was sad they couldn’t be there, but it means even more people love us. I am grateful Micah has a Great Grandma Jean and Great Grandpa Dave. I am grateful they could help come and celebrate along with his Grandpa Blake and D, and Great Aunt Jolie.

Thus, I am thankful for everyone who could help us celebrate Micah’s 2nd year of life, both near and far.

I am thankful that at night Micah can name all the people that love him. I hope he always feels this love. I’m thankful that when I ask Micah if he wants to see his friends he smiles and says ‘yea!’

I am thankful that he loves homeschool. It’s a lot of work.

I am thankful Micah does fine sleeping in his big boy bed.

I am thankful he responds to my gentle discipline. Really, I am thankful he wants to please us.

I am thankful Micah is so caring, outgoing, and curious about his world. I’m thankful he launches his whole body at me, trusting I will catch him. I am thankful he forgives me for my lackluster moments as a mommy. I’m learning and trying my best everyday.

I am thankful Micah’s daddy is exceptional, and that he’s also an exceptional husband whom I can fully respect.

I am thankful there is healthy food on the table and a roof over our heads. I am thankful for all the people who supported our new birthday ’cause’ called ‘No Kids Hungry’ because we are able to make a difference in other peoples lives by helping put meals on their table.

I am thankful we can pray with freedom. Thank you troops. I am thankful that Micah tells me he wants to read ‘God’ at night – that’s his bible. I am thankful that for the most part we remember to pray before meals. It keeps us in check to remind us the food is provided by God, not by our own hand.

I am grateful I know to be grateful.

I love my 2 year old and all he has taught me.


Micah-dotes 11/7/2013

It was funny today, that Micah made sound effects with is mouth.  He’s done this before, but not often.  It’s so cute.  He was imitating water – woosh!

He stuck his fingers in his mouth and told me he was a walrus, and later told me he was a hanging monkey boy.  It’s surprising how fast kids develop!

He’s going around the house saying “Happy Birthday Christmas!”  Don’t know where he got that from…

He told me “I need help!” after he climbed onto his play kitchen.

During his nap, he was crying to I went to see what happened.  He climbed into a shelf about 3 feet high in his bookshelf and was stuck, curled up like a tiny ball.  That’s some climber I have!

He also shrieked, and then told me he “I frustrated”.  Glad my lessons are working.  Just wished he skipped the shrieking part.

Happy Birthday Aunt Corey!

Micah’s 2 Year Update! Bravo, Micah!

I love birthdays because they are a perfect time to reflect on the past.  Micah’s first two years of life are so wonderful.

Micah is so very loved!

Physically, Micah handles climbing up ladders without a hitch.  He’s got beautiful teeth and some molars too!  He’s a fit little man.  It seems like he’s all muscle.  He’s brave, and jumps easily off things two or more feet tall.  He’s been sleeping in his own room since 19 months, and in the morning comes into our room, saying “Hi Mommy!  Hi Daddy!  Good morning!”  We still nurse several times a day.  He shows no signs of stopping, although occasionally I have him stop sooner than he’d prefer.

His personality is fiercely independent.  He’s curious about the world around him and loves to go exploring outside.  He’s an outdoors boy.  He loves to blow on spiders and find butterflies and caterpillars.

We have spent a lot of time at the zoo this year, and his favorite animal is the elephant.

Still a sensory seeker, he loves playing in sand, digging in dirt, or playing with shaving cream in the bathtub.  We call shaving cream “smooshies”.

He still eats pretty much everything, but he doesn’t like peppers and we haven’t tried eggplant again since I still suspect he has an allergy.  His favorite vegetables seem to be beets, broccoli and asparagus.

He loves fruit, and has had pomegranate for the first time in October.  He loves mangos too, especially when I make mango coconut banana icecream (with no cream, only fruit).

At night we love to do a night time meditation, after prayers, where we practice breathing deep, recall our day, and name all the people that love us.

We spend probably an hour a day reading, between books before nap and books before bed.

Sometimes Micah skips a nap nowadays, and instead, will run around his room and look out the window while talking to himself for 2 hours.  That’s kind of frustrating, because at night he gets very fussy.

He’s the light of our life.  What can I say?  What was life before Micah?  What a blessing he is to our hearts.

Adonai, thank you for this life.  Thank you for every breath we have together.  Thank you for trusting us with this little life, this sweet baby boy we can call ours.  I offer him to You again, and acknowledge he is Yours.  We have a great responsibility to raise him in a way that makes You proud of us, and proud of him.  May we be acceptable in Your eyes.  I humble my heart before You.

Help us instill in Micah, a great love of You, a love that fans into flames a faith that moves mountains.  Give him a pure heart, and let him be a ‘most moved’ believer.  Let him compel people to love Christ, because he learns to speak in a way that relies solely on the Holy Spirit’s small and powerful voice.

May his tongue build and not destroy, encourage and not dishearten, bring together and not separate, and enlighten and empower others to faith.  May his tongue just reflect You and Your love.  May he be found innocent in your eyes because he lays his sin and his burdens at your feet every day.  May he be granted wisdom and understanding, and fear You, as your word instructs us, so that others may come to him and find You.  May You give him confidence, because he is Yours, and lays his insecurities down for You.

Make a way for him.  Build up the valleys before him, and level the mountains, so he can be walking in Your ways, seeing You clearly, and moving his feet quickly in obedience.

Father, love my son abundantly, as you love Christ, and usher him into Your kingdom, Your heart, Your wise and knowing ways.

Place him as a seal on Your heart, and a seal on Your arm.  Place Yourself like a seal on his heart, like a seal on his arm.  Protect him from harm, and help him not cause harm to others.  Protect my family with supernatural protection – only You can provide this kind of covering.

Help Micah love the truth and cling to it.  Help Micah declare the truth boldly all the days of his life.  Help Micah hate evil, and come up against evil in Your name.  You make us successful, we have no fear, for we fight battles unseen.

Bless Micah with gifts of the Holy Spirit, and help him use those gifts wisely.  Help him know his purpose early on, and with laser focus, pursue that purpose.  Provide for Micah amazing context, so he understands the ways You are moving in his life.  Help shield his emotions, so he responds with grace to others, to circumstance, to situations and people.  Give my boy insight and discernment so he can see the hearts of men and help move them closer to You.

Make Micah a mighty man of God.  Help guide him by providing him with mentors all his life, and by making him a mentor to many generations of men.  Bring him spiritual companions, Father, whom he can confide in, and who speak biblical truths into his life.  Make Micah a spiritual warrior.  Make him one of Your mighty men, Father.

Your word says you scan the Earth for those looking for You.  May Micah always have his eyes set on knowing and pleasing Your heart, and may You draw him into your inner courts.  Give him a fire for memorizing and understanding Your scripture.

Always walk beside him, behind him, and before Him.  Make a way for Micah.  Never forsake him.  May he never turn from you, nor burden your heart.  May his praise be like sweet offerings to You, sweet and savory and pleasing to You.  May his life bring glory to You.

Enlarge his territory so he can extensively bless others, giving praise to You all the while, and glory to Your name.

Give him a humble heart.  May Micah lay prostrate before You, bowing at Your feet, and honoring You all the days of his life.

May our days be long, so we can enjoy each other.  Protect us Father, my whole family, so we can bring glory to You.  Use our family to bring more people to you.  It’s all about You and not about us.

Cast Your favor on Micah, and lavish Your love on him.  May he always know to go to You first, to wait on Your instruction, to listen to Your council, and to tremble in Your presence with awe and thanksgiving.

I want Your relationship with Micah to blow me away, Father.  I want us to learn from what he learns from You.  I want him to hear You speaking.  I want him to see You moving.  I want You to use him to help advance Your kingdom.

May You find us pleasing to You today and tomorrow, and forever.  Amen.