Micah-dotes 11/7/2013

It was funny today, that Micah made sound effects with is mouth.  He’s done this before, but not often.  It’s so cute.  He was imitating water – woosh!

He stuck his fingers in his mouth and told me he was a walrus, and later told me he was a hanging monkey boy.  It’s surprising how fast kids develop!

He’s going around the house saying “Happy Birthday Christmas!”  Don’t know where he got that from…

He told me “I need help!” after he climbed onto his play kitchen.

During his nap, he was crying to I went to see what happened.  He climbed into a shelf about 3 feet high in his bookshelf and was stuck, curled up like a tiny ball.  That’s some climber I have!

He also shrieked, and then told me he “I frustrated”.  Glad my lessons are working.  Just wished he skipped the shrieking part.

Happy Birthday Aunt Corey!


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