Your Very Merry Christmas

Micah, you had a very merry Christmas today, and an exceptional month, really. You’ve had a rocking grand time since Halloween! The fun never stopped! And it will continue! This was your third Christmas, you are almost 26 months old.

My favorite thing about Christmas is everyone getting together and showing each other out-of-the ordinary acts of love, and driving out-of-the ordinary distances to see each other. Our little family feels so, so loved.

Always remember, it’s not money or gifts you receive that make the holidays special. It’s the extra long squeeze, a warm meal, a kind word to a stranger, stopping to admire how people have decorated their homes, extra patience for and from everyone, and being giving to others. Let’s celebrate Christmas every day.

This year is the first year you really understood presents. I appreciated how you stopped to play with each item you opened them, including how you wanted to wear your big boy underwear to try them out, and you had to brush your teeth right away after you got your new toothbrush.

I love how you are not focused on being a certain way, nor impressing anyone, and how you are just exceptionally and fantastically you. You are prefect the way God made you, from your personality, to your spirit, to your marrow and your physical self.

You are a smart young boy, and you are kind and loving. You are a cuddle bug, and you love to snuggle.

I love how you like pretending to drive in the car, and how you absolutely love vehicles. I love your imagination and that you like pretending to be animals. I love your exceptional observation skills and your great listening ears.

I love that we have inside jokes already like face sandwich, and hi hi hi low low low be my echo sing what I sing follow the leader, and cuddle snuggle.

I love that when I ask you to share, you do. And I love your excessive amount of energy. You are like your daddy. You’re always ready to go.

You skipped your nap today. You were too excited from this morning. You had so much fun all day, and that night, you fell asleep after only 5 minutes in the car because you played so much and felt so tired.

I am blessed because of you. You make my life richer, and you make me more fun, more curious, more appreciative, more generous, more considerate, more patient, more understanding, and more flexible. Thank you for making me a better person.

You’re my best gift I ever received. You and daddy, our big extended families are the best, the best gift I’ve ever received. Ever. Period.

I praise God for you. I lift up His holy name. May you always know who is your maker. He cares for you so wholly. His love for you is wider than the ocean, and stronger than the tide. He has plans for your life, to make you live with an overflow of love and understanding to share with others. He’s made a way for you already, even before you were born, He made a way for you. Maintain your confidence and stand tall. Your strength is in Jahweh.

Merry Christmas my little bear.


Micah’s first whole spontaneous prayer

Dec 15th at 9:50pm.

Micah’s first whole spontaneous prayer happened just now with no prompting. ‘Dear God thank you for today. Please bless mommy. Please bless daddy. Please bless Micah. Night night.’

My heart is literally exploding. E.x.p.l.o.d.i.n.g.