Some wisdom for you, Micah.

Moving in the world with conviction while seeking the Truth makes life a lot more fun and a ton more interesting.

Creating the discipline to achieve ever higher levels of mastery is worth the investment.

Being quiet has more value than we often give credit. Learn how to be still, wonder, and listen.

Dedicating your life’s end to God’s work is the Summun Bonum. What else can we take with us in the end but what we store up in heaven? It’s not about ‘what’ we store up anyway, but ‘who’ we store up.

Who you are has less to do with what you do or what relationships you have, but everything to do with how you do things and how you have those relationships.

You are directly impacted by the messages you feed yourself: reading, music, media, people, self-talk, places, etc.

You can only achieve what you can envision, so help you God.

A deep proportion of gratitude is necessary for daily life and to cultivate joy – that is, gratitude and humility in relation to God.

Daily prayer, worship, confession, listening, and a strong dose of the Bible keep your level of discernment high and your wisdom-bank growing. These two things are a necessary part of the relationship between you and Christ. How should you expect or hope for much without an intimate relationship with the Author of Life?

Choose quality over quantity any day of the week. Fewer, more intimate friends. Less chatter, more substance.

Motherhood is God’s vehicle for humbling, blessing and correcting me, and my life’s most important work. It requires true alignment with God himself, my husband, and you. Motherhood is constant work. To be a blessing to my family and to bear my husband’s name is my constant honor. To teach you how to wear the family name while showing our true colors calls for continual molding and shaping. I learn how to do this best by trying to wear Christ’s name in a way that is suitable: full submission, full relationship. You will learn this best the same way: try daily to wear Christ’s name in an acceptable way. For both of us, this means we will end up in prayer every day. Praise God that He is listening!

Communicate clearly, calmly, genuinely, and truthfully. Represent yourself. No one else will represent you as well as you can represent yourself, a truth as true at 2 years and 8 months as it is when you are 82 years old, and doing so calmly will help you in being heard.

I love you, Micah.