3.5 years old

Micah, you enjoyed your new pool today for the first time this season, and made some new friends who just moved in up the street. That makes me happy, because we have few friends in our neighborhood.

You’re pretty protective of your toys with Kade, but you’ve been doing a really great job at sharing, and an especially good job of learning self-control. I’m really proud of you.

Today was the first time you tithed at church, and you were a cheerful giver. That made God happy. Your sunday school teacher said you’e been enjoying independent activities and sometimes do things separate of the group. Not surprising. You’re your own man. You will learn with time that participating is fun. Perhaps I could help out on Sundays sometimes, too.

You’ve had the best time with Grandma, and you really enjoyed when Aunt Corey and Uncle Mark were here too. When Aunt Corey and Uncle Mark were here we went to Lake Ontario Beach Park and it was really windy, You built a sand castle with Daddy, and we walked around.

With Grandma we did lots of things, like go to the zoo, the chiropractor, the fish hatchery, shopping, and much more. One of our favorite times this visit was probably when you went bowling for the first time. You actually bowled 10 frames, or 20 turns. You did great! Grandma said she’s never seen a 3.5 year old bowl before. And Kade slept during part of it, but then woke during the second half of the game and enjoyed our company all together. We had a great weekend too. We went to the Hidden Valley Adventure place in Varysburg, NY where you got to feed wild bison, long-horned steer, elk, camels, zebras, goats and much more with Grandma and us.

You fell asleep in the stroller on our walk tonight. You must have been exhausted. Grandma made sure we saved a piece of cake for you tonight – it was the cake you picked out with her when you went grocery shopping together two nights ago.

You’re so smart too. The words you’re using, and the phrases you use now are so sophisticated. And you’re funny, because whenever I suggest doing something, if I spell it, you always say “Oh yea, that sounds like a great idea!”.

I can’t explain how I feel about you, except that my heart is bigger because of you and Kade, and I really enjoy our inside jokes.

I love you,