‘If I could roll you up into a ball and eat you like icecream I would. You’re so cute and delicious.’ – me 
‘But there’s bones under mah skin… You’re kidding right?’ – Micah
‘Yea I’m kidding I wouldn’t eat you. You’re just so cute’ – me
‘No one should ever kit. Kit means kidding.’ – Micah


4 years old. Now a boy.

Micah, you’re officially out of the toddler phase, and you’re a little boy.

You’re delightful. You’ve maintained your passion for life. You greet the day with a spunk about you.

Most of the time you wake up smiling. Your countenance is pleasant and cuddly. I love this about you.

I’ve seen so much growth in you this year!

You’re so friendly with other children, and outgoing. You never meet a stranger – you make instant friends wherever we go. I love this about you. 

You’re fiercly independent, and very competitive. You prefer to get dressed, use the restroom and buckle up in the car all by yourself. What a great, dynamic personality you have! You’re full of vigor!

You form pictures in your mind of how things should be, and you go for it. You feel disappointed and almost a sense of betrayal if life turns out differently. You’re learning how to cope better when you feel these particular emotions. I’m glad for your opinions! 

You’re doing a great job of articulating your emotions to me, whether you feel frustrated, happy or angry, etc. This is very useful, so I can help you process what you’re feeling!

You’re brave and athletic. You could do full cartwheels since you were 3.5 years old. You can pump your legs on the swing too!

You love being funny and you tell many jokes. You make up your own words to familiar tunes and you love singing all day long. You role play with your toys and use funny voices to enact the screenplay of your imagination.

You can tell the difference between an imaginary story and a real story, and we are careful to make that distinction.

Your favorite activities include wandering around outside, riding your bike, and exploring the critters around you. You love bugs, worms and beetles. You still love your fish tank with red cherry shrimp and your betta fish, Splash, plus 2 pygmy corycats. You told me the other day you wished you had 10 corycats.

You’ve been enjoying our hygges, perhaps most of all the things we do… the time after dinner when daddy plays worship music for us and we cuddle on the couch.

You love Kade. You help him up and down the stairs and make great efforts to control your temper towards him and use a kind and calm voice, to exchange instead of just grab a toy, and you’re constantly looking to keep him safe and encourage him. I hear and see you self-regulating all day long with him, and I know it’s hard work because he’s little and he undoes things you’re working hard to accomplish, like building something. You’re proud to tell people we meet about Kade… how old he is and how you are the big brother. You’re a great big brother.

You’ve lately sworn off vegetables and strawberries. This concerns me. I make you eat them anyway, so you grow strong and healthy and for the most part, you don’t mind. You like your vitamins, and you remind me to give them to you.

You’ve made a habit of complaining about our activities on the way to them, and then saying you had fun when we are on the way home. I try reminding you of this pattern I observe. It doesn’t change your complaining so far. 

You love a routine and an order to things, and you do far better if I tell you to choose one last thing to do, before some activity has to end. 

You like a challenge, too! I love this go-get-em attitude in you! We share this same trait… We are willing to try anything. Fear of failure generally does not hold us down.

You attend two homeschool co-ops now. Our Thursday co-op has mixed ages of children. In your first class, with children ages 10 months to 4 years old, Mrs. Reba tells you stories and sometimes you participate in the letter craft, but many times you’d rather play. In your next class, with children your age up to 7 years old, you enjoy some games, but inevitably end up playing across the room with toys. This is all okay. You are filling your needs, and we do the crafts later at home.

Your Friday co-op has children ages 3 and 4, and you participate in more activities there. This may have to do with there being less children, or the ability to focus your lessons more for your age group. You have great fun, and you challenge your other teachers because you test boundaries, just like you test them at home. I’m teaching you to be respectful of teachers with all different teaching styles. This is good for you. 

You take piano with Mrs. Tallo, and you are learning a lot! Daddy practices piano with you at home, and you are developing a love of music. You can identify a rest, treble clef, bass clef, whole and half step, middle c, ‘twins’ and ‘triplets’ and play simple simple patterns if I show you first. You can put notes in order from high to low, and are quite good at copying a beat. You love making up songs and ask me to video tape you so you can watch yourself later. You tell me working with Mrs. Tallo is hard work. I’m proud of you. Worthwhile things in life are often hard work. I remind you that Coopers learn music and work hard. You also learn about a composer each week, we do a related coloring sheet, and listen to his or her music. You love this, and you still live peace time. We talk about how the music makes you feel, or if it helps you imagine anything in your head like pictures or colors.

You know all your phonics and you’re learning Dolce sight words now. You can read short words. You can count syllables now, and we play madlibs at night. You know what a noun is already, and can give me verbs and adverbs and adjectives too. You know what plural means (most of the time). You and daddy take turns suggesting words for me, and then I read the story to you. You usually ask to hear the story twice because you enjoy this activity.

You ask me to make up stories for you often, and usually join in creating the plot and choosing characters. This is great fun!

You can skip count by two’s and you like measuring things. You can count to 100 almost all by yourself and read most numbers up to 100 acurately. You know the tens and ones place, and can add up to ten, and past ten if I hold up my fingers for you. You’re loving math, and I’m loving that!

You told me the other day, when I asked your class what you were talented at doing, that you are good at science! I agree! You love science, and we do all kinds of experiments. You love learning about the human body, especially bones. Daddy just drew a lot of human organs for you in the driveway the other day, and today, you make sure to tell me what each part was. So fun. We put all kinds of things under the microscope and we are learning about what life forms belong to what kingdoms of life. I even stuck a housefly under there, and then we learned about compound eyes and how flies see.  You enjoy this too! We even saved some apple seeds because you said you’d like to plant some apple trees. I have to find out when and how to do this for you.

You are learning how to write in cursive. We only do this once a week, because it’s hard work! You’re up to the letter J. Whatever you write, I always tell you how well you did, and I recently started circling your best letter so you can see which ones are most excellent. You print your name on your art work at most opportunities. It’s good!

We spend a lot of time memorizing scripture, and I start your day with prayer and praise music. Of all the things we do, this is the most important. You love God, and you pray spontaneously (out loud) for Him to do things. One time you asked Him to make it light out in the sky. It was nighttime. You then asked me what God said. I told you He said He’d bring the sun up in the morning. This answer satisfied you. I love it. You also do a great job of praying for others, especially Grandma’s pets. And you also humbly and sincerely ask God for forgiveness or for help with your own needs. This makes me very proud of you. Humility is the key. You know almost all your books of the bible in order, because of a rap song we sing together.

We enjoy reading history together. We are reading Story of the World, book 1 together. And we are memorizing the timeline song by Classical Conversations. This will help you later. It’s a fun song.

We love art in this house. You love painting, play dough, sand, glitter, stickers, glue… anything messy. And you’re now able to draw really great stick figures with mouths and noses and eyes and hair. I love what you name your art, too. You’re so creative. Free form art is my favorite, and I think it’s your favorite too!

Daddy and I decorated downstairs to surprise you tomorrow.

I love you! Happy birthday!