When I have a thought

“Mommy, did you know when you have a thought how it just appears in your brain and then it can come out of your mouth? I just knew that could happen.”

This is what you said to me tonight at 9:15pm. You’re one smart cookie. We are listening to music in the car and you chime in out of the blue. Too cute! You got some new shorts and shirts because you outgrew your old ones and you’re getting a booster seat on Monday! I feel like you’re a little boy and not a toddler anymore. To so many things you say “I can handle it”, or “trust me.” 

You take excellent care of Kade and I’m proud of how your learning and growing first in character but also school. For example, in character, I notice when you dial yourself back, practice generosity, offer apologies of your own initiative if you hurt someone, accept an outcome you dislike, offer spontaneous prayer to God, and use your words to express your feelings. Character development is something we will work on your whole life, but these glimmers of right thinking and a right heart fill you with life, so I will point them out to you and keep encouraging and correcting you along the way.

You got a new pet hamster this week and you named him Cypress. He’s a White Russian dwarf hamster. To be really honest I think I wanted him as much as you did! Daddy was awesome for saying yes to this new responsibility! You’re doing great during your training sessions with him too, being nice and calm and patient. This is good for you!

You know the Ten Commandments now and the Pledge of Allegiance. You’re supposed to stand in front of a big crowd of people with your class and say the pledge of allegiance. I hope you stand still, because right now you’re spinning and twirling and jumping even though I’m reminding you to stand up tall. Still, your class is doing great! I’m proud of you and your friends Emily, Hudson and Joey!


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