Practice makes perfect

Micah, you had an epic meltdown… One of those that happens from mid-sleep. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this from you, which used to be a regular occurance (once or twice weekly).

It took you about 45 minutes to wind down. Poor guy. But once you did, we could revert to some healthy habits we’ve built along the past almost 5 years:

– Visualizations – tonight was the Creation story

– massage with aromatherapy – a spicy fall blend fit the ticket

– prayer – for thanksgiving and self-control, and the humility to sincerely apologize to daddy for losing control of your body

– affirmations and snuggling – We talked about your purpose and place in this world. We discussed your importance and significance in this family. 

– strategies for a different response – We discussed healthy ways to get out of your primitive brain to get back to your problem solving hero brain. We agreed deep breaths are a good way to do that. 

In essence, we went “coopering” together tonight.

You are going to have some healthy go-to’s as God keeps building more and more stores of self-control in you. Every human has a bent. You have to attack them head on with the opposite quality. That’s what we do. That’s why we do what we do. When you’re a man, perhaps a father, you’ll see this pattern, and you’ll repeat it for your children. 

I thank the Lord for you. You patiently put on our training wheels as parents, and you’re exactly how I love you: just you.

You are a future leader, a man who creates a legacy for Christ, a protector, a lover of fairness, a compassionate loving kind person. You have a destiny and you keep your eyes fixed on your goals with unwavering determination. You are Micah. Always our first born. Always the biggest brother. Thank you for being you. 


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