A well-deserved sweet treat!

Micah, you finally finished your first reading lesson book, so we had a special ice cream party for you! I’m just as glad as you are, and just as proud of your hard work and accomplishment. We started this book in 2015. Now here we are at the end of 2016! 

After we were done you asked if you were moving into Challenge B. I said “that will be a while”. Then you asked me if you were going into high school. I said “that will also be a while.” I told you how many more years it would be to enter, and you were able to add up how old you would be by then. Great job!

Maaaaybe next time ice cream parties should happen right after lunch, because afterward your ice cream, which you licked clean, you did the schnoodle 500 in the kitchen. Haha! But it’s okay, how often can we celebrate such hard work with such a great payoff?!

Great job, buddy! You’re a reading champ!

What’s even more important than any of this is that tonight you asked me “Mommy, could I listen to a prayer or something”. 

I told God my firstborn was His when daddy and I were hoping to have you. I meant it. And I mean that for all my children. 

I love you.


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