Passed the swim test

Today was a big day for you! You passed the swim test at the YMCA! Congratulations, Micah!

We are so proud of you! And…

now we can swim at the pool together because the rule is one adult with two non-swimmers.

Love you,

Mama and Daddy!


6 tomorrow!

Micah, you are six years old tomorrow. You’re my passion boy. You love furiously and you carry yourself with intensity. You insist on things being right. You hold the line and you hold on to your convictions. You are competitive and brilliant – you want to win and you want to be right, even to a fault – when you learn how to serve the Lord and others you will be unstoppable. The joy you’ve had since you were a baby, you still carry now. Few can hold a candle to your laughter.

You love jokes, you crave reading, and you ask me to worship God with you nightly. You shine.

You want to hear God’s voice, and you want to express the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

You adore your siblings, and you put in an order for another sister already. You’re tough as the dickens, and fiercely protective of them.

You say you like science the most now. But you’re reading at a second or third grade level and you are awesome at math. You can skip count 20s and I never taught you that. You add and subtract for fun.

You love homeschool life and the freedom we have because of it. As of now, you want to have a career making solar cells like Daddy.

You love your piano lessons with Mr. Alishan, and homeschool PE with coach Sean. You are starting to make up your own piano songs, and play them for us – I love it! You love CC and you enjoy Petra too. You tell me your favorite music is Classical, but your most requested listening is to the Awana Sparks CDs or Peter Rabbit or Little House in the Big Woods, with a little American Tall Tales thrown in there.

This year you are ready for your own full text Bible, since you are looking up verses on your own now.

I love you! I love watching you mature and develop. There are many times you play nicely with Kade now, but still many, many times you tease him. You’re always wonderful with Hope.


Your biggest fan, your mama

First time looking up a Bible verse on his own

Piano lessons are quintessential homeschool. A tiny short painful exercise in parents for developing patience, with small windows of small breakthroughs.

All the while, the child develops persistence, positive self-talk, resilience, self-control, patience, concentration, obedience, an ear, rhythm, and a love for music and art.

And the he grabs a Bible and insists on finding Isaiah 40:28 and reciting it to me, comparing translations (NLT and NIV). #silverlining #micah This is the first time he’s done this. I’m so proud to see the Lord working in his heart. Amen, Hallelujah!

One hand, ma!

Micah has mastered riding one-handed. He was impressed when he heard I used to go hands-free! 😂 

You’re so excited to move onto first grade math, and your cursive handwriting is getting great! We are drawing everyday too. That’s fun!

You went through the house tonight anointing door frames with oil and rebuking evil spirits to come out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You are a great warrior for Christ. Always know that you’re His chosen one, another son to belong to His kingdom! You’ve asked for the gift of speaking in tongues and we are praying for you! You even fasted two meals for it on Monday. God will be good to you but always on His own timeline. Be patient.

You’re still my sunshine, buddy! I love you!

​​  ​

Best friends

You’re one of my best friends.

You make me more imaginative. Today we told stories – you’ve been making up stories with me since you’re 2 years old. Today’s story was about Pikachu’s birthday party. You molded Pikachu out of clay and made a football, soccer ball and basketball for him and his friends (who were plastic fish). You asked me what I thought of your Pikachu. I told you I love it. You said “it’s pretty much my best.” I said “I can tell. It’s amazing, and it’s hard to work with that clay”. You agreed. You let Pikachu eat cake for breakfast lunch and dinner, but we decided this was only a birthday incident. The rest of the year, he eats vegetables to stay healthy. We played restaurant and grocery store. You put pie and chicken on the menu, which I ate, but then when I asked for fish, you went and fried me some fish too, on a tennis racket, and served it to me by rolling over on a skateboard to me… and it was delicious. I asked you how you made it so yummy. You told me you put garlic and breading on it. Good choice, chef. We played pirates today, and we swept the deck clean. You pillaged some an English ship coming about and we took their silver and gold treasures. We ate oranges so we didn’t get scurvy. Meanwhile, you helped me clean the baby pool too, and recollect the toys outside.

You’re focusing better. We practiced writing cursive letters, and you’ve graduated to writing letters you know already just one time, if you do it correctly. You’ve got lowercase cursive i, t, j, u, r and w down pat. S’s require more practice. And you’re finally getting letter a down and mostly draw your d’s well. You’re almost ready for your ninth letter! Here’s an older sample of writing and math.

You’re learning how to develop a fairer estimation of your abilities. When we’re just learning something, we’re not bad at it. We’re just learning it. You expressed your desire to get better at gymnastics, for example – you said you were bad at gymnastics. We reframed it to say you’re awesome at gymnastics, especially for a five year old who’s just learning it. The reason we practice is to get better.

You’re becoming more patient – I see this with Kade. Several times today Kade destroyed something you were working on, and instead of exploding, you used a kind voice to gently show Kade where he could contribute and how he could play. You waited for me to correct Kade while you were quietly waiting. This is amazing growth, little man.

You have a great memory. We named our 3 dimensional shapes again today, and you surprised me by how much you remember. Great job.

You’re physically coordinated. We played keep away and did skateboard, scooter and bike tricks. Your tricks are creative and awesome. We played water and sand games and you made a moat – you could play with these things for hours! You included Kade in your games. I see you experimenting, and leading Kade in your experiments, like which fish slides the furthest and you take guesses at why that might be.

We learned about Moses’ death. We marveled at how God said he was a prophet unlike any other who God spoke with face to face in all of Israel.

We did some subtraction, and we took a shot at some two digit addition today. You were so pleased at how easy that was.

You’re helpful. You helped me potty train Kade. You helped me cook, and you picked up your room. You get things I need. And you’re working on your attitude too, to do all things without grumbling, including losing and not getting your way. When we played checkers yesterday, you hung in there even though you lost. And fixed your attitude as you were cleaning up the game.

You’re compassionate. You help take excellent care of Hope and Kade with me. You’re one of the first ones to run to your siblings or tell me you hear them upset. I often catch you comforting Hope by talking to her, or singing to her, or bouncing her. What a place in our family you hold. The following picture was from Saint Patrick’s day.

You understand me, you hold me accountable, and you care about my feelings too. You make motherhood wonderful, little man. You want people to respect you. And you care deeply about what your father thinks of your actions. And your father thinks the world of you, especially when you do the hard things in life.