Passed the swim test

Today was a big day for you! You passed the swim test at the YMCA! Congratulations, Micah!

We are so proud of you! And…

now we can swim at the pool together because the rule is one adult with two non-swimmers.

Love you,

Mama and Daddy!


6 tomorrow!

Micah, you are six years old tomorrow. You’re my passion boy. You love furiously and you carry yourself with intensity. You insist on things being right. You hold the line and you hold on to your convictions. You are competitive and brilliant – you want to win and you want to be right, even to a fault – when you learn how to serve the Lord and others you will be unstoppable. The joy you’ve had since you were a baby, you still carry now. Few can hold a candle to your laughter.

You love jokes, you crave reading, and you ask me to worship God with you nightly. You shine.

You want to hear God’s voice, and you want to express the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

You adore your siblings, and you put in an order for another sister already. You’re tough as the dickens, and fiercely protective of them.

You say you like science the most now. But you’re reading at a second or third grade level and you are awesome at math. You can skip count 20s and I never taught you that. You add and subtract for fun.

You love homeschool life and the freedom we have because of it. As of now, you want to have a career making solar cells like Daddy.

You love your piano lessons with Mr. Alishan, and homeschool PE with coach Sean. You are starting to make up your own piano songs, and play them for us – I love it! You love CC and you enjoy Petra too. You tell me your favorite music is Classical, but your most requested listening is to the Awana Sparks CDs or Peter Rabbit or Little House in the Big Woods, with a little American Tall Tales thrown in there.

This year you are ready for your own full text Bible, since you are looking up verses on your own now.

I love you! I love watching you mature and develop. There are many times you play nicely with Kade now, but still many, many times you tease him. You’re always wonderful with Hope.


Your biggest fan, your mama

One hand, ma!

Micah has mastered riding one-handed. He was impressed when he heard I used to go hands-free! 😂 

You’re so excited to move onto first grade math, and your cursive handwriting is getting great! We are drawing everyday too. That’s fun!

You went through the house tonight anointing door frames with oil and rebuking evil spirits to come out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You are a great warrior for Christ. Always know that you’re His chosen one, another son to belong to His kingdom! You’ve asked for the gift of speaking in tongues and we are praying for you! You even fasted two meals for it on Monday. God will be good to you but always on His own timeline. Be patient.

You’re still my sunshine, buddy! I love you!

​​  ​

100 easy lessons

“I’m thinking about taking Micah through 100 easy lessons again.” – me

“Why?” – dad

“Build his confidence” – me

“Oh.” – dad


*laughter throughout the car from dad and i… and micah joins the laughing*

“Why not?” – me

“Because I don’t want to read 100,000 easy lessons again!” – micah

*more laughter*

A well-deserved sweet treat!

Micah, you finally finished your first reading lesson book, so we had a special ice cream party for you! I’m just as glad as you are, and just as proud of your hard work and accomplishment. We started this book in 2015. Now here we are at the end of 2016! 

After we were done you asked if you were moving into Challenge B. I said “that will be a while”. Then you asked me if you were going into high school. I said “that will also be a while.” I told you how many more years it would be to enter, and you were able to add up how old you would be by then. Great job!

Maaaaybe next time ice cream parties should happen right after lunch, because afterward your ice cream, which you licked clean, you did the schnoodle 500 in the kitchen. Haha! But it’s okay, how often can we celebrate such hard work with such a great payoff?!

Great job, buddy! You’re a reading champ!

What’s even more important than any of this is that tonight you asked me “Mommy, could I listen to a prayer or something”. 

I told God my firstborn was His when daddy and I were hoping to have you. I meant it. And I mean that for all my children. 

I love you.