Best friends

You’re one of my best friends.

You make me more imaginative. Today we told stories – you’ve been making up stories with me since you’re 2 years old. Today’s story was about Pikachu’s birthday party. You molded Pikachu out of clay and made a football, soccer ball and basketball for him and his friends (who were plastic fish). You asked me what I thought of your Pikachu. I told you I love it. You said “it’s pretty much my best.” I said “I can tell. It’s amazing, and it’s hard to work with that clay”. You agreed. You let Pikachu eat cake for breakfast lunch and dinner, but we decided this was only a birthday incident. The rest of the year, he eats vegetables to stay healthy. We played restaurant and grocery store. You put pie and chicken on the menu, which I ate, but then when I asked for fish, you went and fried me some fish too, on a tennis racket, and served it to me by rolling over on a skateboard to me… and it was delicious. I asked you how you made it so yummy. You told me you put garlic and breading on it. Good choice, chef. We played pirates today, and we swept the deck clean. You pillaged some an English ship coming about and we took their silver and gold treasures. We ate oranges so we didn’t get scurvy. Meanwhile, you helped me clean the baby pool too, and recollect the toys outside.

You’re focusing better. We practiced writing cursive letters, and you’ve graduated to writing letters you know already just one time, if you do it correctly. You’ve got lowercase cursive i, t, j, u, r and w down pat. S’s require more practice. And you’re finally getting letter a down and mostly draw your d’s well. You’re almost ready for your ninth letter! Here’s an older sample of writing and math.

You’re learning how to develop a fairer estimation of your abilities. When we’re just learning something, we’re not bad at it. We’re just learning it. You expressed your desire to get better at gymnastics, for example – you said you were bad at gymnastics. We reframed it to say you’re awesome at gymnastics, especially for a five year old who’s just learning it. The reason we practice is to get better.

You’re becoming more patient – I see this with Kade. Several times today Kade destroyed something you were working on, and instead of exploding, you used a kind voice to gently show Kade where he could contribute and how he could play. You waited for me to correct Kade while you were quietly waiting. This is amazing growth, little man.

You have a great memory. We named our 3 dimensional shapes again today, and you surprised me by how much you remember. Great job.

You’re physically coordinated. We played keep away and did skateboard, scooter and bike tricks. Your tricks are creative and awesome. We played water and sand games and you made a moat – you could play with these things for hours! You included Kade in your games. I see you experimenting, and leading Kade in your experiments, like which fish slides the furthest and you take guesses at why that might be.

We learned about Moses’ death. We marveled at how God said he was a prophet unlike any other who God spoke with face to face in all of Israel.

We did some subtraction, and we took a shot at some two digit addition today. You were so pleased at how easy that was.

You’re helpful. You helped me potty train Kade. You helped me cook, and you picked up your room. You get things I need. And you’re working on your attitude too, to do all things without grumbling, including losing and not getting your way. When we played checkers yesterday, you hung in there even though you lost. And fixed your attitude as you were cleaning up the game.

You’re compassionate. You help take excellent care of Hope and Kade with me. You’re one of the first ones to run to your siblings or tell me you hear them upset. I often catch you comforting Hope by talking to her, or singing to her, or bouncing her. What a place in our family you hold. The following picture was from Saint Patrick’s day.

You understand me, you hold me accountable, and you care about my feelings too. You make motherhood wonderful, little man. You want people to respect you. And you care deeply about what your father thinks of your actions. And your father thinks the world of you, especially when you do the hard things in life.


You’re almost 3.5 years old

Micah, you’re almost 3.5 years old. I can’t believe it. You can read two letter words, and if I help you sound out the letters, you can string bigger words together by pronouncing and listening to the sounds together. You’re starting to add numbers together.

Your memory is amazing. You’ve just started memorizing the books of the Bible now. We watch a really cute rap video every morning to help you.

You’re very fast on your bicycle, and we may think about taking the training wheels off soon.

You love carbs, but you also have an amazing eclectic palate for food.

You’re really happy the weather is finally nice, and don’t want to spend a moment inside, and neither do I.

You love your little brother, you’re protective of him, and you want him to be happy, sharing toys and making him laugh. You love ‘jumping time with Kade’. This all makes my heart sing.

I think what I’m most proud of, though, is your care and concern for others, and you’re love of Jesus. You told me you wanted to be baptized today.  And today you found a stinkbug in the hose, and you carefully placed it outside, calling him your little friend. ‘I love my little stink friend’, you said.

I love you!

Love, Mommy

1 Year Old – Starting to say words

November 4th, 2012

It’s Micah again. It was so fun writing my own update last month I thought I’d give it another try.

I’m the big 1 year old today. Last year, this day, I was born at 4:49 in the morning. It was a long and wild ride. You can read my birth story here if you want – Mom wrote it all down, and even my doula Teresa contributed.

My Maski came to visit me for my 1st birthday also, but she came early so we could have special time. It was really fun! Maski went on 2 hikes with me and met some of my friends. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and Taco Mac. One day we went to a big store and she got me the coolest thing ever: my own car. It’s red with a yellow top. It has wheels and I get to take it outside and ride it in the street while mom or dad push me around. Whoa! I also got a bunch of new clothes, shoes, pajamas and a CD that says my name in each song. That is so cool! I missed my Paski, but mom and dad say maybe I can see them this summer.

Daddy, mommy and Grandma Boom Boom took me to my first pumpkin patch this year! I got to wear my halloween costume, go on a hayride, see ponies, and get carried through a corn maze. I had to taste the pumpkins and the gourds because they were so colorful! I went behind this huge wood sign, mom took a picture, and I looked like a cow! That’s amazing!

I love bath time and I have these cool toys that stick to the side of the wall. I also love bubbles.

Micah’s pediatrician check up. I have my 1st year pediatrician visit in a few days. I’m healthy. I’m big and strong!

Weight, height, & clothes. I am wearing 24 month clothing in onesies and sleepers. Sometimes my pants are 18 months, and sometimes they are bigger.

Development. I haven’t gotten any new teeth in yet, but I bet they’re coming on the bottom next. When they come in, they will be my 7th and 8th tooth.

I can use the potty a lot more now, but only in the mornings because that’s when mom knows I’ll have a success. I say the word ‘dog’. Even though I test out sounds and point to things all the time, dog is the first word mom and dad recognize. I don’t know why this language thing takes so long.

Mom got all excited because I can click my tongue now. She’s been showing me how to do that since I was six months old or earlier. I finally figured that out. I like to copy the faces people make at me, or even copy their body language. I love dancing and clapping to music too. A week ago, I saw Daddy play this huge Balalaika in The Atlanta Balalaika Orchestra and I was clapping when everyone else clapped.

Learning & Playtime. I love playing with other kids. Here I am with Grace and Alex. We are hanging out at the mall, pretending to go on an adventure.
I’ve also figured out that object permanence trick. When mom hides something, I know it’s still there and I try to get it. I especially want to have whatever I am not supposed to have and make a huge ruckus if I don’t get my way.
Sleep and Eating. Sometimes I like to take only one looong nap in the afternoon, but usually, I have a better day if I get a morning nap too. Mom and dad usually start my bedtime in my room, but by the middle of the night when I wake up, I get to sleep in their bed. Aren’t I a lucky fellow? In the morning I wake up smiling and cuddling this way.
Much love,







15 months – words and climbing





It’s been too long since I’ve written. This is just going to be quick and dirty.

Micah says:

‘Bup’. It means I would like you to pick me up, or I would like to get down.

‘Mama’ and he can identify me in pictures.

‘Dada or daddy’

‘Dag’ which is dog

‘Ditty’ which is kitty

‘Dat?’ Which means I want that if he’s pointing too.

‘Ish’ means fish.

‘Bite’ means I’d like a taste of what you have.

He signs bird when he sees or hears one.

Woofs like a dog ‘oo oo’

Growls like a dinosaur.

Signs more which applies to anything, especially airplane or food.

Noticeably is excited for swings, and like spinning in circles.

Has taken on this adorrrrable Cookie Monster laugh when something is fun like tickles, being tossed, hanging upside down or spinning.

Like drawing now and is less prone to eat his writing utensil but still needs very close supervision.

Helps clean up toys 🙂

Prefers running on our hikes to being carried.

Likes chasing and growling at the dogs.

Likes being held in my arms and will say ‘uh uh uh’ if I start to put him down.

Takes 1-2 naps a day, but really needs 2.

Weighs more than 24 pounds.

Has had 2 haircuts, the first one by me, the second one my friend Nicky just blended the back a little more for me.

As of last week he shakes his head no to everything when you ask him a question. No longer nods yes which he used to do.

Can finally ride his caterpillar worm riding toy.

And he’s moving chairs so he can climb up on everything including the piano! Yikes!

9 + 10 Months Update, Walking and Waving

Hi all, It’s a shame it’s been 2 months since I’ve been able to post.  Here are Micah’s new 1sts:

  • teeth!
  • waving hello and goodbye
  • climbing up and scooting down stairs
  • pointing at things
  • first pair of ‘fitted shoes’
  • New games: So big! Raise the Roof! Roaring like a baby dinosaur!
  • a trip to an aquarium, and what better aquarium than the Georgia Aquarium?!

Micah’s pediatrician check up. At Micah’s check up August 7th, he weighed in at 21 pounds 9.8 ounces and was 28.75 inches tall.  That puts him at 75% for weight and 50% for height.  His head is 17.7″ around.  The pediatrician doubted if they got his height correct at the last visit, because if they did, then he didn’t grow too much taller.  She says he’s fine though, and developmentally ‘exceptional’ (see below).  I concur!  But don’t all moms think their kids are great?!

Yesterday, unfortunately, we had to go to the pediatrician again.  Micah had a fever (it’s a cold virus) and we wanted to make sure it was just a cold.  He’s gained 7 ounces since last month, weighing in at 21 pounds 14.6 ounces.

Weight, height, & clothes. Micah is wearing 18 month clothing or bigger.  I already told you his stats, but what that means is he’s almost ready for his next car seat.  He sweats like a little piggy in the car seat, and since he’s eating food (sometimes in his seat), I decided to sew a slipcover for his next seat.

This is the seat before I covered it.

This is the seat before I covered it.

This is the seat with my slipcover. Do you love it?

And far more fun than the car seat update: We were in Old Navy finding some clothes for Ian, and I put the top part of a Halloween costume on Micah for fun.  It was so adorable, I put the pants on him too.  And because it was absolutelyridiculously-over-the-top-cute to see how much fun he has wearing it, strutting around like a proud little man, we got it his Halloween Costume (click here for video) early.

Development. In the last update, I told you Micah took his first step July 9th when he was 8 months and 5 days old.  Now he never crawls anymore, and indeed, is trying to run sometimes.  When he tries to run he falls quickly.  It’s really funny!  Plus, kind of like a cat typically lands on all fours, Micah typically lands on his booty.  That makes him an expert ‘faller’.

Micah is climbing everywhere.  He knows he can climb stairs now, and climbs them really well, though we follow really closely behind.  He’s just learning how to scoot down them too, as of yesterday.  In fact, climbing down the stairs is his current obsession.

His 1st tooth came in on the bottom on July 19th, 2nd tooth came in July 28th, and his 3rd tooth (first top right) came in yesterday.  The other one is close behind.

On August 6th he started clapping his hands (click for video)!

Micah tries to copy our facial expressions.  Take a look at this funny video: Tricks are for kids Ma! on August 6th.

Within the past week or so he started waving hello and goodbye and pointing at things.

Learning & Playtime. August 11th was the first time he’s played ‘chase’ with me.  He was laughing hysterically while running away from me in the hallway in this video: I’m gonna get you! It was too cute!  I could do that for days on end with him, except I wonder if I am creating a toddler who’s going to run away from me because he thinks it’s funny… hmmm….

Micah's Custom Tree Bookcase

This is Micah’s tree bookcase. It’s a product of Mom’s handy design, & dad’s handy construction. Trigonometry is useful after all!

When we say ‘so big!’ he puts both hands in the air and gives me a cheesy grin.  We also taught him to ‘raise the roof’.  It looks more like two arms flapping in the air, but it’s cute!  He’s a little grumpy in this video, but you can see him do it here: ‘So big!‘.

Micah started making this funny ‘roar/ growl’ sound.  Since then, I’m asking him “What’s a baby dinosaur say?”  Then I roar.  I’m trying to see if I can teach him to… you guessed it… roar like a baby dinosaur!

We celebrated Ian’s birthday August 28th.  It was the first time Micah’s seen (& paid attention) a crowd sing happy birthday and blow out a candle.  I think he digs it!  Happy birthday Ian!  What a treasure you are!

For Micah’s 1st labor day we went to the GA Aquarium with Grandma Boom Boom.  Boy was that worthwhile!  He was intrigued by all the fish.  He even enjoyed the dolphin show, our first of many over-dramatic children’s shows.  He loved it, but at the end, he was waaaaaaayyyyy too tired to like anything whatsoever.  I included lots of aquarium pictures at the bottom for you.

I organize a meetup group called Active Mama’s. These are some of us on a hike with the babies. We are on top of Kennesaw Mountain. Go Fun Mamas!!!

Micah in bike trailer

Micah LOVES being pulled in the bike trailer!  We started this about 2 weeks ago.

Sleep and Eating.  Micah takes 2 naps a day.  And sometimes I wonder if he could use an extra one.  He would love to be asleep by 6:30pm or 7:30pm most nights.  When we used to go out at night, even just a month ago, he would just sleep through dinner.  Now he tends to stay up with us and enjoy dinner but it throws his bed time off a little.  I hope I’m creating a flexible, adaptable person by taking him out with us instead of feeling like we can’t go out.  🙂

As of 9 months old, he’s enjoying some limited amounts of cheese and yogurt, but not cow’s milk.  I don’t give him sugary foods.  For snacks he has rice or oat puffs, or fruit if we are home.  He typically eats 2-3 meals a day.  He loves any kind of fruit and a multitude of different vegetables including spinach, broccoli, squash and even pickles!  He loves meat too.  When we feed him, we scoot his highchair right up to the table.  On goes his place mat which suctions to the table, on goes a pelican bib to catch all the food he drops (ah-hem, spits out), and in goes the food.  The food goes in the mouth, in the hair, and in the air.

What he drops on the floor, the dogs pick up.  Ian is glad the dogs have a job now :).  And I’m pretty confident the dogs are happy about their job too.

Be sure to update us on your lives as well!

Much love,

Robyn, Ian and Micah

Here we are on the boat at the aquarium. If Micah could talk, I think he’d say,”Who’s driving this ship? Let me at the wheel! I’m the captain!”

Ian took Micah down the big sea monster slide at the aquarium. Here, the sea monster is ‘spitting them out’. Doesn’t Micah look like he’s growing up?

Dad and Micah enjoying a joke.  How cute are they?

“Ooh, look at the big whale!!”

This is my favorite picture from the aquarium.  Look at my handsome men!

“Fish! Fish! Fish!” – Mom  **Smack, smack, smack!**  – Micah  “Uh, Micah, I don’t think fish like when you bang on the tank.” – Mom

Grandma Boom Boom, Dad, Mom and Micah at the aquarium. What a great day that was!

Playing at the park – Micah has made it up the whole slide on his own :). We have to watch him though because he’ll spin around and forget where he is climbing.

See how proud he is of himself?

The tube is fun at the playground! It’s not so easy for me to climb in there after him though, to help him out the other end!

My boy and I. I just love his little age!  Each month is just even more exciting!

Story time with Max and Sena. Masako is reading the kids a book in Japanese. She tells me what the book was about afterwards. She’s a GREAT reader, very animated and expressive. The kids love her! And so do the moms!

Here are more moms from my meetup group, Active Mama’s. There are 60 members as of today! We have a great time together. Here, we are hiking by the Chattahoochee River. Love them!

Micah loved this tank because he could see fish below him too!

Me and my sweet boy.  Does he look like me?  I think he looks like Ian from the nose down, and from the eyebrows up!

Micah playing in his friend Max’s play tube. What fun they had!

8 Months Old Using A Pincer Grip!

Micah Update

We celebrated Ian’s first official Father’s Day this year!  What a special time!  Micah and I made Ian a Father’s Day mug with Micah’s hand print.  That was fun, meaning it was challenging to paint Micah’s hand, place it ‘neatly’ on a glass mug, and wash his hand off before he got paint all over.  The glass is very cute if I do say so myself.

We started the day having breakfast with Blake, Ian’s dad.  We always enjoy his company, and Micah thinks he’s great fun.  It was too bad we didn’t get to see ‘Dee’ too.  I’m sure we’ll see her soon!

Then we went to a Braves vs Orioles game.  The Orioles won.  It was a hot day so we stayed in the shade with a cool breeze blowing over us.  Micah really enjoyed the music and the ‘Tomahawk chop’. 

We ended the day by having dinner with my mom at Taco Mac, a local favorite of Ian’s.

The next weekend we went to see Micah’s Aunt Curly and Uncle Josh for Josh’s book signing in Charlotte, NC.  You can read about Josh’s book here:  Written for teenagers, it’s about a boy named James who is wrongly accusing of murdering his mentor and is exiled to a land called ‘The Never’.  It’s great!  Thanks Aunt Curly and Uncle Josh!

Then, in July we went to see Micah’s Great Grandma Jean and Great Grandpa Dave, Great Uncle Pat, Great Aunt Jolie, Cousin Laura and other favorite friends like Michele.  We had a phenomenal time swimming at Lake Chautauqua.  Micah has enjoyed 5 ‘new firsts’ this month: (1) riding in a golf cart, (2) enjoying an amusement park (Midway Amusement Park), (3) loving a boat ride, (4) seeing fireworks, and (5) his first 4th of July celebration.  Midway is one of the oldest amusement parks in the United States.  Micah was mesmerized by his first fireworks show in the middle of the lake on Great Uncle Pat and Great Aunt Jolie’s boat.  No, he was not scared one bit from noise.  By going to Chautauqua, he carries on a Cooper summer tradition.  Our goal is to take him here every year, just like Ian enjoyed too.  Thanks Pat and Jolie!

Micah’s next pediatrician check up.  Micah’s next check up is next month.  Still no teeth, thought I can see and feel their impression and definitely feel them under his gums now.  I will let you know the official report in the next update.




















Weight, height, & clothes. Same old, same old here.  Micah’s wearing 12 month or larger onesies and sleepers.  Shirt sizes vary from 12 months to 18 months depending on the brand, and his pants are still sized 18 months.  Look at my boy’s chubby legs!

Development. Micah is now able to stand up without holding onto anything.  He even will squat down, pick up a toy, and stand back up with his toy!  People keep telling us he’s going to take his first step any day now.  <<<OK, I can’t wait to tell you this even though it should wait till the next update.  Micah walked for the first time on July 10th!>>>

He is using a pincer grip.  You can tell when he’s picking up food off his plate, he concentrates on getting it right between his first finger and his thumb.

Micah is definitely articulating more phonemes now.  His baby talk is on the verge of saying purposeful words, though we are still waiting for that magical moment when he looks at us and calls us Dada or Mama.  I have heard him say mmmm which is new as of the last week.

Learning & Playtime.  Micah has started to play little games with us now.  For example, I stack up his blocks, and he knocks them down and giggles.  Or I put my hand on one side of the pack and play.  He touches my hand, then I move my hand somewhere else.  He touches my hand again and laughs.  He’s starting to know what certain things are such as a cup – he knows he can drink from a cup.  He orients the cup the right way on his mouth.  He always puts a spoon or fork in his mouth spoon- or fork-side first.  He knows sunglasses go on his head and will try to put them on top of his head sometimes.  Here’s a picture with Micah with his friend Raj.

I let Micah have lots of time on the floor practicing his balance and coordination.  Floor time is his favorite activity, and letting him roam and wander is much easier than trying to restrain a curious baby.

Sleep and Eating. All this travel and vacation has taken Micah off schedule for sleep, but he sleeps when he’s tired – that’s for sure.

Micah now understands food can satisfy his tummy, though we are still nursing full-time.  When we eat, he looks at us expectantly, knowing he can have some.  When we drink, he looks at us expectantly, knowing he can have a sip.  We really have to watch what we eat to make sure we can share with Micah.  I have to admit, it’s super fun and super messy to see him eat!  We tip well at restaurants. 🙂


Be sure to update us on your lives as well!

Much love,

Robyn, Ian and Micah

7 Months and Standing!

Micah Update
Micah’s personality is emerging more every day.  He is cheerful, friendly, trusting and adaptable; active, vocal, adventurous and confident; and social, creative, musical and charming.  Wait, those are all beautiful qualities… ha!  He is also stubborn, has a little bit of a temper and cries if he hasn’t had enough sleep or is hungry.  Don’t we all, though?  There’s nothing worse than a tired hungry adult.

I celebrated my first Mother’s Day this May.  It was wonderful.  Ian made me breakfast in bed in the morning and kept Micah downstairs so I could sleep in.  I enjoyed hot cheesy eggs, fruit and coffee.  Then we went to my mom’s house and made her breakfast, church, and celebrated four different moms at my friends’ cousin’s house at the lake for an early supper.  It rained, so we didn’t get to go in the lake, but it was lovely inside spending time with great friends and family.

In June, we took our first-ever visit to see my brother Gregg, and his family, Dorian (my sis-in-law) and Evan, (my nephew) in Plano, TX.  Micah really took to his Uncle Gregg and Aunt Dorian, and his cousin Evan was really great with him.  Gregg cooked us lunch: Indian Tacos – they were very yummy!  We swam in the pool, went to dinner at Saltgrass (a local restaurant), played Apples to Apples and Ian helped Evan play with an electronics board game late that night. 

Evan built a fort for Micah to explore, helped him play music on the iPad, and even made a really cute movie (like a movie preview) of Micah.  Evan made my egg breakfast that morning.  I am so impressed!  It was a short visit because we were on our way to Austin for Ian’s conference, where we also saw my best friend, Kerry, whom I haven’t seen since 2004 when Ian and I got married.

We went to the Austin Children’s Museum for story-time.  Older kids kept coming up to Micah.  He tried to kiss one of them!  So cute!  Micah enjoyed some great Austin eats, and yes, we are still practicing baby-led weaning.  He’s doing great eating his food!

This was Micah’s 2nd long car trip.  I qualify a long car trip as over 5 hours.  He did really well.  We drove over night.  Mom and Dad did not fair so well though.  Ian pulled over to nap 3 times, and I could not help Ian drive because I was too exhausted.  Poor Ian.  He stayed up the entire next day, too, because he wanted to spend just as much time with my brother’s family as I did!

Micah’s next pediatrician check up.  Micah’s next check up is not until 9 months, but I can tell you he’s doing just fine. 🙂

Weight, height, & clothes. I haven’t weighed Micah since last month, but again, I’m guessing he’s just over 20 pounds now.  He’s not growing out of clothes as quickly now, which is nice because he can get some more wear out of them.  Micah seems the same as last month for clothes.  He’s wearing 12 month or larger onesies and sleepers.  Shirt sizes vary from 12 months to 18 months depending on the brand, and his pants are still sized 18 months.

Development. Micah is crawling fast and making his way into any place in the house he wants.  Baby-proofing has taken on a whole new meaning because Micah is fascinated by wires and everything under the sun ends up in his mouth.  We rearranged two downstairs rooms so one of them is basically free of hazards (i.e. the glass coffee table).

Micah is saying more phonemes now such as bababa.  He’s already practiced thah thah thah.  I have heard him say ‘dada’ but it’s not connected to Ian yet.  I will let you know when that happens.  That will be an exciting day!


In addition to crawling fast, he’s pulling up on everything so he can practice standing.  Then, once he’s standing he let’s go so he can balance on his own.  Ian saw him ‘cruise’ for the first time two weeks ago, meaning he took a step while holding onto the sofa.  If Micah has your hands he will practice taking a few steps now, but if he wants to get somewhere he will drop into a crawling position.  He does the traditional crawl on all fours, or sometimes, he uses two hands, 1 knee and 1 foot to push forward, if you can imagine that.

Diaper changes are a wrestling match!  Micah constantly flips over, and protests if he has to stay on his back for too long by letting out a loud ‘fake’ cry.  We distract him with bubbles sometimes or give him a sippy cup to drink a sip of water.  Otherwise, I just keep flipping him back over.  What a work out!

Learning.  The reading program we practice called ‘Your Baby Can Read’ is going okay.  While traveling we mainly use the flash cards.  Micah thinks it’s fun – I think he just likes the pictures.  Lately though I’ve heard some negative things about the program, so I may return it.  I don’t use the video portion anyhow.  Micah reaaally loves books!

I’m still focused on teaching him sign language, starting with 2 signs: Milk and More.  He clearly understands if I say, ‘Do you want milk?’  Micah doesn’t know object permanence yet.  If I make the remote control or my phone disappear under a pillow he thinks it’s disappeared.  That’s nice.  We also have music time everyday, whether that’s at the piano or just singing songs.  Micah still loves pat-a-cake, the wheels on the bus and old mac donald.  I made up a song too.  And he smiiiillllles and laaaaauuuughs when I sing it.  It goes like this: “I’m busy as a bee.  Busy as a bee.  Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy as a bumble bee. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”  While I say it, I turn him in the air.  He’s so cute.

Play time.  Ian continues to jog with Micah.  They both enjoy it, and it’s a nice break so I can cook dinner.  Micah has continued to enjoy swimming in the pool, and we also still going to many play dates, so Micah is enjoying his little friends, and I am enjoying mom-time.  I’d like to find children’s programs in Atlanta for Micah since he enjoyed the Austin Children’s Museum so much.  I got Micah the cutest iPod cover for his ipod.  Now he can hold the ipod without ruining it from his teething.  It looks like a little bear, and there’s an app that goes with it by Happitaps.

Sleep and Eating. Micah’s sleep habits are the same.  He wakes up every 3-5 hours during the night.  Maybe soon he’ll sleep longer, but it’s okay that he gets up.  He wakes to nurse, and I’m happy to feed him if he’s hungry.  Micah really does exceptionally well with food.  The only food we avoid include dairy, shellfish, nuts, and sugar, plus processed foods.  I got Micah a spoon and fork who’s handles bend so it’s easier for him to use.  I also found a contraption to keep him from throwing the utensil on the floor.  He doesn’t throw things onto ‘the floor’ for sport yet, but I’m sure that time is coming.

Be sure to update us on your lives as well!

Much love,

Robyn, Ian and Micah